embossed glazed pottery

Embossed glazed pottery

? what is embossed glazed pottery

Embossed glazed pottery refers to pottery that has been decorated with raised designs or patterns that are then covered with a glossy glaze. This technique adds texture and visual interest to the piece, creating a unique and eye-catching finish. The embossing process involves pressing a design into the clay before firing, resulting in a three-dimensional effect once the glaze is applied. The glaze not only enhances the colors of the design but also adds a smooth, shiny surface that can make the pottery both beautiful and functional.

The stages of making embossed glazed pottery

The stages of making embossed glazed potteryAfter the pottery has been shaped and dried, the next step is to create the design that will be embossed onto the surface. This can be done by using various tools such as stamps, rollers, or even hand-carving the design directly onto the clay. Once the design is in place, the pottery is then fired in a kiln to harden the clay and set the design. After the first firing, the pottery is then glazed with a special glaze that will give it a shiny, smooth finish. The pottery is then fired a second time to set the glaze and complete the embossing process.

Examples of embossed pottery products

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